Wedding Planning

Our experienced team of designers and architects can help you realize your dream wedding.

After years of experience in event planning and design, we can guide you throughout the process of choosing the right space for your wedding reception, the wedding dress, the decoration of the church and the reception area, the catering, the sugared almond gift and everything else related to the wedding.


Candybar / lemon bar

In the courtyard of the church, all your guests are offered a drink or a juice of your choice while the ceremony lasts. Moreover, we can also make arrangements for a buffet of sweets in tart pans and platters with the appropriate decoration in the style of your wedding.


Through a wide range of styles available you can choose the right bonbonierre for you! Our team will offer you the opportunity of something unique and special.

Church Decoration

Through our discussion and ideas we can help you choose the right theme / color that suits your personality. We can also recommend our partners whom we trust for the best possible result and the freshest flowers on the market!

Wish Card /Wish Table

Our company provides handmade and personalized wish books and also undertakes the table set up which includes the wish book, tablecloths, sugared almonds(bonbons), sweets, flowers and more.

Gala decoration

Table decoration of your gala based on the theme and color selection and diligence of every detail from our experienced team.

Catering and Wedding Estate Selection or Event Organization in Your Own Property

We can help you choose the right place for your wedding reception. On another note, if you want to make a reception in your property, such as your home or cottage, we can organize every detail with precision and efficiency.

Handmade Wedding Dresses

Through a wide collection of handmade wedding dresses samples, you can rent or choose from the beginning and complete the style, materials and accessories of your wedding dress that will be custom made and unique !


Through a wide range of samples we can find the right selection for you or our partners can create your own unique style invitation card.