Event Planner Role

Every couple’s dream is the unique and their guests spend wonderful time and remember every moment of their wedding forever.
Why is a wedding planner necessary?

Aesthetic result

A wedding organizer will understand and fully translate your needs while helping you make the right choices, based on a concept. We will propose ideas and solutions for a wonderful wedding!


Without stress…

If you choose the help of relatives and friends for the organization of your wedding, especially on your wedding day, you should know that they will certainly not be as carefree and fun as the rest of the guests, who will not have any responsibility.


To save money….

The economic factor is something that a couple should take into account. Whatever your wedding budget is, only a professional can guarantee that you will not exceed the financial limits set.


Your time is precious…

To properly organize your wedding usually 6-8 months beforehand, you have to research, ask for quotes, compare costs, coordinate all professionals with each other, communicate regularly with them and most importantly make sure everyone is truly aware of your needs.
This process requires a precious time of 10-12 hours a week, but also regular appointments in your spare time.


Proper Scheduling…

It is highly important that someone is in charge of coordinating all the preparations and the wedding day; someone who knows all the agreements, needs and wishes in depth !